How do i sign up?

Call our toll free # 1(866) 981-9769

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What is a gigabyte?

Some examples of what approximately 1 gigabyte of data could include:

About 1.5 hours of standard definition Netflix

About 25 minutes of Netflix @ 720p

About 15 minutes of Netflix @ 1080p

About 10-12 hours of online gaming (Xbox Live, PS3/PS4, WII).

About 95,000 emails (no attachments – text only).

About 17 hours of streaming audio (128kbps quality).

What happens if you need a little more?

There might be months when you exceed the amount included in your package. The most common reasons for increased data usage are:

Social Media ie. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Streaming video ie. Netflix, Kodi, Crave

Peer to peer file sharing programs used to download movies and music

Computer hackers


If you exceed the usage included in your package, don’t worry

You have a few options:

Upgrade to the next package level

Maintain current plan and pay for each gigabyte over your plan’s amount

Monitor your monthly usage with our online monitoring tool!

How do I get support?

Call our toll free # 1(866) 981-9769

If you do not reach an attendant please leave a message informing us of the issue and we will do our best to rectify it as soon as we can. Messages are monitored 24/7

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Can we expect downtime?

Some downtime is inevitable, some company’s claim better then 99% up-time. We all know that’s not true. Quickstream strives to maintain a minimum of 98-99% up-time and works diligently when issues do arise to resolve them as quick as possible.

How much are overages?

Overages are charged @ $1.00/G

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